Lane County Area Meeting Directory
May 26, 2020

(O) Open Meeting | (C) Closed Meeting | (W) Wheelchair Accessible | (SS) Step Study | (WM) Women's Meeting
(BT) Book Study | (NC) No Children | (SB) Smoke Break | (NS) No Smoking | (S) Smoking

DayStart TimeEnd TimeGroup NameStreetCityBuildingCodes
Sunday9:30 AM10:30 AMSunday Manoa601 West 13th St.EugeneMcNail Riley HouseO, W
Sunday10:30 AM11:30 AMWomen's Lighthouse88896 Highway 101FlorenceWay North of town in the Bayberry ComplexW, C, WM, LS, CW
Sunday5:00 PM6:00 PMSunday Steps710 E. 17th AvenueEugeneGrace Lutheran ChurchO, LS, Speaker Meeting
Sunday5:00 PM6:00 PMStraight Arrows344 8th Street (Corner of C & 8th Street)SpringfieldAmerican LegionO,W
Sunday6:00 PM7:00 PMSolutions for Living323 E. 12th StreetEugeneYurt behind WhitebirdO
Sunday7:00 PM8:15 PMMade a Decision640 W. 7th (corner of 7th and Jefferson)EugeneSalvation Army (alley entrance)O, W, LS
Monday7:00 PM8:00 PMForever Non-Professional13th and PearlEugeneSt Mary's Episcopal ChurchC
Monday7:00 PM8:00 PMMonday Night Newcomers440 Maxwell RoadEugeneTrinity United Methodist ChurchO,W
Monday8:00 PM9:00 PMTogether We Can2230 WashingtonEugeneLutheran ChurchO,W, Candlelight
Tuesday5:30 PM6:30 PMR.U.1.2?-II1542 I St. (Mohawk & I St. - Use Main Entrance)SpringfieldSpringfield Lutheran ChurchO, Open Topic
Tuesday6:00 PM7:00 PMSurrendered Sisters1376 Olive StreetEugeneToaster ChurchWM, CW, C, LS,W
Tuesday7:00 PM8:00 PMA Way Back To Reality700 Gibbs St.Cottage GroveCottage Grove Community CenterO, W, CW
Tuesday7:00 PM8:00 PMTuesday Night Mens Group3060 River Rd.EugenePresbyterian ChurchC, M
Tuesday7:30 PM9:00 PMRecovery By The River1369 D Street SpringfieldChurch of GodO
Wednesday6:00 PM7:00 PMSpiritual FoundationsCorner of 13th and PearlEugeneSt. Mary's Episcopal Church (Downstairs)O, Candlelight
Wednesday7:00 PM8:00 PMMid-Week Serenity231 Garden WayEugeneGaren Way Church - DownstairsO
Wednesday7:00 PM8:00 PMMiracles Happen1137 Maple StreetFlorenceO,W,CW
Wednesday7:00 PM8:00 PMRecovery at Dusk300 W. Fairview SpringfieldHACSA BldgW,O,CW
Thursday7:00 PM8:00 PMOld Green House724 Washington St.EugeneRecovery HouseO
Thursday7:00 PM8:00 PMSurvivors Group2230 Washington St.EugeneLutheran ChurchO
Thursday7:30 PM8:30 PMCope Without Dope826 W. Main StreetCottage GroveAmerican Legion HallO, CW
Thursday7:30 PM8:30 PMKeep Coming Back340 Blair St..EugeneJ.E.S.C.O. ClubO, CW
Friday6:00 PM7:00 PMFriday Night Serenity323 E 12th St.EugeneYurt behind WhitebirdO
Friday7:00 PM8:00 PMThe Anonymous Meeting of N.A.6680 Thurston Rd.SpringfieldThurston Christian ChurchO, CW
Friday7:00 PM8:15 PMIn Memory Of ...834 MonroeEugeneEnter South EntranceO, LS
Friday7:00 PM8:30 PMThe Basic Meeting1385 Oakway Rd.EugeneO, LS, W, Candlelight
Friday7:00 PM8:30 PMFriday Night Throng1137 Maple StreetFlorenceO, W, CW
Friday8:00 PM9:00 PMYoung Persons Meeting13th Ave. & Pearl St.EugeneSt. Mary's Episcopal ChurchO, CW
Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday12:00 PM1:00 PMOut to Lunch Bunch1824 UniversityEugeneLuther HouseO
Saturday4:00 PM5:00 PMDouble Trouble 830 MadisonEugeneFirst Church of the Nazarene Enter Through AlleyC, NC, MI
Saturday6:00 PM7:00 PMSisterhood In Recovery3rd and BlairEugeneJ.E.S.C.O. ClubO, WM
Saturday6:00 PM7:15 PMWe Do Recover323 E 12th St.EugeneYurt behind WhitebirdC, LS
Saturday7:30 PM8:30 PMShut-Up and Listen3rd and BlairEugeneJ.E.S.C.O. ClubO, Speaker Meeting
Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday7:01 AM8:00 AMDawn of Recovery300 W. FairviewSpringfieldFamily Life CenterO, W
Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday8:00 AM9:00 AMJust For Today3rd and BlairEugeneJescoO, CW, MD